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08The long-term initiative of Štěpán Axman to introduce to the public, both professionals and laymen, works of art created by the blind gave rise to the idea to organize a sculpture cycle of blind authors. The chosen theme – BIBLE – is closed to all blind people irrespective of nationality. Bible stories have a long tradition and they are comprehensible to the broad public. The first sculpture stories inspired by the Bible emerged in 1995 in the Studio of Touch modelling in Brno, whose authors were Božena Přikrylová and Petr Pavelek, both blind. Over the years, more works of art were done by other blind authors. Eventually, the BIBLE sculpture cycle grew to a size that gave impulse to a unique event in creative arts of blind people, namely the International Workshop of Blind Artists, recently organized by a NGO Slepíši. The event was attended not merely by blind artists from the Czech Republic, but also from Slovenia, Slovakia and Finland. At present, the BIBLE sculpture cycle comprises of 36 freestanding figures and reliefs made of terracotta.